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Aerial Photograph
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Google Earth Aerial Photo of Club This aerial photograph has been taken from Google Earth. It shows the clubhouse and green in the very centre - in the south-west corner of the Elm Grove Recreation Ground.

The two main parking areas shown on the Parking Plan below can be seen on the photograph - above and below the club house.
GOOGLE MAPS ... Google Maps - Walton Town Centre If you would like to explore a Google Map of Walton, just click on the link to the left.

The initial map you see is centred on the town one-way system from which you will find the entrance to our club - just 50 yards past the Screen Cinema. You can use your mouse to move the map to view other areas around this. You can also enlarge the map by clicking on the 'View Larger Map' link. You will find the club ground named on the larger map. You can also zoom in and out by using your mouse wheel.
Town MAP ...
Walton town centre map The entrance to the club and green is just past the Screen Cinema and opposite the library, which is currently housed in an old Victorian School building with a distinctive pointed turret.

There is a second, pedestrian, entrance on the NW (left) side from the pathway which connects the High Street to the Elm Grove Recreation Ground.
Parking PLAN ... Club Parking Plan Parking at the club is limited, particularly on weekdays, as we share the site with Stagecoach Theatre Arts.

There are often additional parking spaces, however, in the small car park at the Highfield Road entrance to the Elm Grove Recreation Ground. The attached stylised Parking Plan of the area around the club may prove useful.
Detailed Directions
by Road
Google Maps logo Google Maps can provide you with tailor-made directions on how to get from your starting point to our club in Walton-on-Thames. Tap our postcode (KT12 1LH) into the search bar, or, e.g. 'From: Epsom to Walton-on-Thames' and your route with landmarks on your journey will pop up on a zoomable map, which can be printed out.
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