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  •   Low-level exercise in sunshine and fresh air - in bracing and inclement weather as well from time to time!!!

  •   An attractive location in a tranquil setting, yet in the heart (not The Heart) of Walton-on-Thames.

  •   A stimulating and challenging outdoor activity, both mentally and physically.

  •   Humour and camaraderie with new friends - we are all well worth meeting!

  •   Participants can be of ANY AGE - you can't start too young, and you are never too old.

  •   Participation in our many social events - throughout the winter months as well as during the outdoor bowling season.

  •   Enjoyment of our Private Club house with its kitchen, flourishing bar, library, indoor lounge and covered verandah area for watching the bowling and for socialising.

  •   You will become part of one of the hundreds of Bowling Clubs in the United Kingdom and the thousands more around the world.

  •   If you are a serious sportsman or woman we can also meet your needs. You can participate at any level of the sport. There are many levels of competition - within the club and at county and national level. You will be able to participate at just whichever level you choose.

  •   Physical disability is not normally a bar to playing bowls. We can advise on the possible suitability of the game for anyone interested.

  •   It is not likely to be long after your first few lessons that you will be able to enjoy participating in friendly roll-up games and you can soon be enjoying our friendly matches against other clubs as well as taking part in our internal club competitions.

  •   You will find that, compared with many other sports, the cost of lawn bowling is low - and for a lifetime of enjoyment. A set of four bowls costs about the same as a good tennis racket or one of the better golf clubs and will last as long as you want it to. The club often has some second hand bowls for sale.

  •   For unlimited bowling and use of all the club facilities, the annual club subscription payable by members is based on the cost of maintaining the green and clubhouse and is kept to a minimum. You will find that our own fee compares very favourably with that of other sporting and social activities.


[Article written by the club's past-president, Derrick Plummer, and recently published in the 'YOUR ELMBRIDGE' Magazine.]


[ Re-printed below is an article written by the club's past-president, Derrick Plummer, and published last year in the 'YOUR ELMBRIDGE' Magazine. ]

A new outdoor bowls season is upon us, and there are few more pleasant ways to spend a summer afternoon than playing a game of bowls with the sun on your back.

First let's dispel the old adage that it's 'a game for old men'. It's a game for young men, which old men (and women) can still play. Actually the age of the England bowls team for the Commonwealth Games in Delhi later this year is younger than the England Football team, and their training almost as rigorous. Of the top ranked 16 men in the world, all bar one started playing as a teenager.

So, having got that out the way. What about the rest of us? Clearly, if you want to play at the highest level, like most sports, you need to start early, but for many of us bowls is a game we come to when we have finished playing football, or more likely, when we no longer work full time and have more leisure time. Whilst it may be a bit late to become National Champion you can still reach a very acceptable standard, and perhaps more importantly, have a lot of fun in friendly company.

Bowls is a relatively cheap game compared to other sports, and an annual subscription to your local club quite modest. Like many games, the object of bowls is essentially simple. It can be played by anyone, but to play consistently demands determination, concentration and practice.

Players take turns to deliver their bowls from a mat at one end of the green towards a small white ball called a jack at the other end. The bowls are shaped so that they take a curved path towards the jack. To be successful the bowls must be delivered with the correct weight, and along the correct line.

Sounds simple? It's been said that it is a game that takes five minutes to learn and a lifetime to perfect. The game can be played, one on one, as a singles match, or most regularly in teams of three or four players on each side.

Bowls is a very sociable game, and at Walton we have a regular informal club evening every Tuesday from 6pm, when free tuition facilities are available and the evening ends with a BBQ. The club-house provides bar facilities and has groups that meet to play bridge and darts.

If you would like to know more about bowls, either come along on a Tuesday evening to Walton on Thames Bowling Club at Elm Grove Recreation Ground in Hersham Road, Walton or visit

Club Green

We are all amateurs and we bowl for the fun of the game as well as the challenge.

Why not just come along and try us out?

After you've rolled your first few bowls you'll understand
why lawn bowlers love the sport.

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