We arrange a variety of social activities throughout both the summer and winter seasons.
Some of these are listed below.

The Clubhouse BAR You'll certainly enjoy our great value drinks in the welcoming surroundings of our clubhouse.

For club evenings, matches, roll-ups and social events our club bar always provides a welcoming retreat. Staffed by volunteer club members it is the bar where there is always a smiling face whether you have won or lost. Prices are kept as low as possible - certainly compared with outside prices. ... We believe this helps to make the pleasure twice that to be found anywhere else!

"When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading." - Henry Youngman
"Heads, bowls! Tails, back to the bar."

All Year Round -

- whenever the clubhouse is open.

DARTS DARTS is said to have begun in Medieval England. It is thought that archery instructors used shortened arrows with the bottom of an empty wine barrel for a target, possibly with the bung used as the bull. Soldiers became fond of taking their shortened arrows with them to the local inn to enjoy themselves as well as to show off their aiming skills. When the bottoms of wine barrels were unavailable, a cross-sectioned slice of a large tree was substituted. Such a "board" became the standard. It provided concentric rings, and, when it dried out, the cracks provided further divisions. This gradually evolved into the present-day standard dart board. Henry VIII was said to have enjoyed the game immensely. So much so, that he was given a beautifully ornate set by Anne Boleyn.

We continue to enjoy the game, in a highly convivial social setting, once a week at 7 o'clock each Wednesday evening throughout the indoors winter season.
"I said "Nearest to bull starts". He said "Baa", I said "Moo", he said "You're closest".


Wednesdays -

October to March

BRIDGE A friendly Tuesday evening of RUBBER BRIDGE once a week during the close-season and an afternoon session on the first Wednesday of each month from October to April.

'Bridge is played by 4 players who form two partnerships; the partners sit opposite each other at a table. The game consists of the auction (called bidding) and play, after which the hand is scored. The bidding ends with a contract, which is a declaration by one partnership that their side will take at least a stated number of tricks, with a specified suit as trumps or without trumps. The rules of play are similar to other trick-taking games, with addition of the feature that one player's hand is displayed face up on the table as the "dummy".'
party bridge
Have a HEART & Come to our CLUB where a SPADE's a spade & DIAMONDS Are Forever!

7 p.m.
Tuesdays -

2 p.m.on the first Wednesday of
each month -

October to March;

BARBECUE Beyond being able to say that "barbecue" is a European word, no one really knows the true origins of the word.

In attempting to spell a Taino Indian word for their method of cooking, the Spanish came up with "barbacoa". The French have a saying "barbe a queue" which means "whiskers to tail", and roast mutton in Romanian is translated as "barbec".

Pick whichever suits you best ... & enjoy it with us!
"The key to good barbecuing is having a sauce that can cover up your mistakes."

During Club Night -
From 6.00 p.m.

From the end
of April
to September.



BURNS' NIGHT SUPPER - with Piper, haggis, & all the trimmings - plus a table-top Quiz.

VARIETY EVENT - with SUPPER - An evening of light entertainment with a musical flavour- different each year.

MILITARY WHIST & SUPPER - Whist originated in England when it evolved from earlier 16th Century games. There are many variants. We play a version called 'Military' Whist.

PRE-SEASON DRIVE, QUIZ & SUPPER - an afternoon of ad hoc bowling followed by supper in the clubhouse.

END-OF-SEASON DRIVE & SUPPER - an afternoon of fun bowling followed by supper in the clubhouse.

ANNUAL PRESENTATION LUNCH - with awards for the Summer Season Competitions.

GAMES & NIBBLES - evening of Fun, Nibbles & Table-Top Games -played in ad hoc teams: - Bagatelle; Darts; Shove Ha'penny; Hoop-La; Table-top Bowls; etc.