Markers are required regularly throughout the period May to August when our internal club singles competitions are being played. We ask all members to make themselves available whenever possible to mark when requested ...

It is important to understand the rules to be followed when marking a match. Below is an adaptation from the official rules which gives an outline of the points the marker MUST observe when marking for our internal club competition matches:

(a) The Marker shall control the game in accordance with the Official World Bowls 'Laws of the Sport of Bowls'.

(b) S/he shall centre the jack, and shall place any full length jack two metres from the ditch.

(c) S/he shall ensure that the jack is not less than 23 metres from the front edge of the mat, after it has been centred.

(d) S/he shall stand at one side of the rink, and to the rear of the jack.

(e) S/he shall answer affirmatively or negatively a player's inquiry as to whether or not a bowl is jack high. If requested, s/he shall indicate the distance of any bowl from the jack, or from any other bowl, and also, if requested, indicate which bowl s/he thinks is shot and/or the relative position of any other bowl.

(f) Subject to contrary directions from either opponent under Law 34, he shall mark all touchers immediately they come to rest, and remove chalk marks from non-touchers. With the agreement of both opponents s/he shall remove all dead bowls from the green and the ditch. S/he shall mark the positions of the jack and touchers which are in the ditch. (See Laws 33 and 40.)

(g) S/he shall not move, or cause to be moved, either jack or bowls until each player has agreed to the number of shots.

(h) S/he shall measure carefully all doubtful shots when requested by either player. If unable to come to a decision satisfactory to the players, s/he shall call in an Umpire. If an official Umpire has not been appointed, the marker shall select one. The decision of the Umpire shall be final.

(i) S/he shall enter the score at each end. and shall intimate to the players the state of the game. (j) When the game is finished, s/he shall see that the score card, containing the names of the players, is signed by the players, and disposed of in accordance with the rules of the competition.

Copies of these rules are posted in both Ladies and Gents changing rooms in the clubhouse.